Expansion of our programme with high-quality accessories for construction of water, sewerage and gas networks

NRG was founded in 2000 with the main focus on providing technical advisory and distributing high-quality accessories for construction of natural gas distribution networks in Slovenia. With further development of our company, we kept expanding our range of products and started to implement specialised services in the field of natural gas networks. Together with our partner from the Netherlands, we carry out internal inspections of high pressure natural gas networks in Slovenia. In the recent years, we built the first two CNG (compressed natural gas – methane) filling stations in Ljubljana and Maribor serving road vehicles. Our filling stations help maintain a cleaner environment by serving public transport vehicles.

The European-wide trend toward reducing water loss and leakage in waste water networks prompted us to expand our activities in collaboration with our existing suppliers to high-quality water, sewerage and gas network accessories. We follow European trends in water distribution systems toward significant reduction of water loss, which remains very high in Slovenia. In some countries that began using high-quality materials years ago, water loss was reduced to 7 % and maintenance cycles were extended for several years (Denmark). The correct installation and use of the following products enables:

Water loss reduction

Reduced costs of repairs, freeing up assets for investment in infrastructure

Reduced time of repairs

Care for future generations

For all of the listed products, we provide appropriate certificates, attestations and declarations of performance, as well as reference lists of distributors and contractors, such as: Energetika Ljubljana, Plinovodi, Energetika Maribor, Pivovarna Laško, Asfalti Ptuj, Petrol, Adriaplin, Istrabenz plini, IMP Promont, Blisk montaža, Tames, Komunalno podjetje Slovenske Konjice, skupina Veto, skupina Topdom, SAM, etc.